ONG&ONG is a holistic 360 solution consultancy excelling in infrastructure, education, commercial and high-density living. We design, engineer and manage. Our intimate understanding of modern living allows us to curate unique and inspiring environments, setting a new benchmark that sets us apart.


Within these pages, we discuss contemporary and future trends, and showcase our recently completed projects.

ONG&ONG's Anthology Dweling Digital Cover
Dwelling III An anthology of best in class homes
ONG&ONG Lifestyle III Cover
Lifestyle III An anthology of best in class lifestyle spaces
ONG&ONG's Domicile II Cover
Domicile II An anthology of best in class high density residences
ONG&ONG's Civic II Cover
Civic II An anthology of best in class public spaces
ONG&ONG's Commerce II Cover
Commerce II An anthology of best in class offices, mixed-use dev & masterplanning
ONG&ONG's Dwelling II Cover
Dwelling II An anthology of best in class homes
ONG&ONG's Lifestyle II Cover
Lifestyle II An anthology of best in class spaces
ONG&ONG's Domicile Cover
Domicile An anthology of multi-family homes
ONG&ONG's Civic Cover
Civic An anthology of sacred, healthcare, education and community spaces
ONG&ONG's Commerce Cover
Commerce An anthology of masterplanning, commercial and mixed-use spaces
ONG&ONG's Dwelling Cover
Dwelling An anthology of living spaces
ONG&ONG's Lifestyle Cover
Lifestyle An anthology of retail, restaurant and hospitality spaces


Decarbonising the AEC Industry
Walking into the Future
December 29, 2022 Walking into the Future
Mitigating sea-level rise
October 25, 2022 Mitigating sea-level rise
Parks and Recreation
April 18, 2022 Parks and Recreation
The Rise of Space as a Service
Combating Climate Change
January 28, 2021 Combating Climate Change
The Internet of Things
December 30, 2020 The Internet of Things
Future-forward Tools
December 30, 2020 Future-forward Tools
The Power of Design
December 29, 2020 The Power of Design


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