Tuan Sing Holdings



Set within an idyllic location in northern Singapore, Kandis Residence contains 130 condominium units housed within four residential blocks. The project was predicated as the “homes in the woods”, envisioned as a green, immaculately landscaped sanctuary that accommodates the modern urban lifestyle.

From an open, welcoming frontage, to the cascading water feature, the development is characterised by an abundance of natural elements. Residential blocks are neatly lined, interspersed with pockets of layered landscaping and an array of amenities. The interstitial spaces merge to form an interconnected nexus of cosy inter-block courtyards, exercise lawns and landscaped walkways. 

The residential blocks feature modernist box frames that complement a simple yet elegant façade. The development’s overall colour scheme is subtle, with a warm, calming palette that further accentuates the serene qualities of this flourishing green oasis.