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21 Tanjong Pagar Pte Ltd




Located in the lively F&B district of Tanjong Pagar, Fiz is a culinary beacon, embodying the rich flavours and architectural legacy of Southeast Asia. ONG&ONG were engaged for their expertise and delivered a design that harmonises iconic temple motifs, monastic simplicity, and elements of earth architecture, all punctuated with retro-futuristic nuances. The design elements form a part of Fiz's narrative, offering an immersive dining journey that intertwines tradition and modernity.

In this fusion of heritage and innovation with simplicity, the interior is dominated by earthy textures and tones. Honest and natural materials like stone, wood, and terracotta as well as aged bronze and brass accents are incorporated, infusing the space with a subtle opulence and a nod to the ornate details of Southeast Asian temples. The main entrance door is a statement piece, its design an abstract echoing of intricate textures and motifs. Crafted as a grand, heavy single-leaf pivot door, it offers diners a commanding and majestic welcome.

Once inside and at the heart of Fiz is the main dining area, anchored by a monolith which functions as a central service station. Across the space, circular booths reinforce a circumambulating motion and seats are upholstered in natural tactile fabrics with curves and levels that reflect the contours of rice terraces, common across Southeast Asia. Looking up, diners will find a ceiling built as a tribute to the vaulted ceilings of temples, where angled coves and vaults are refashioned into modern, geometric interpretations.

Restaurants can certainly be more than about imbibing good food. They can be about honouring culture and history; places where identity is embellished, and where one leaves with appetite satiated and a mind enlightened. Fiz ticks both boxes.