Amata Holding Public Co. Ltd


Conceptualised as an open, serene recreational space amidst the undulating expanse of Kalaw, Myanmar, the centrepiece of this project is a cluster of villas perched atop hilly terrain, nestled within a tea plantation and landscaped environs.

The terraced contours of the site allow for the villas to be positioned at different altitudes along the slope, while offering unobstructed views of the surrounding mountain range. Utmost care has been taken to respect the existing landscape and preserve most of the greenery. To enable easier accessibility to the villas, ridged walking trails and pathways wind through the hills without disrupting the natural topography of the site.

The landscape design blends in seamlessly with the environment, optimising space on uneven territory and promoting oneness with the great outdoors through the use of nature-inspired elements such as water features as well as wooden walkways, platforms and steps. These landscape elements were also designed to offer greater privacy to the residents of Kalaw.