Interior Design


2,000 sqft



SoHo Colonial is a commercial unit that has been transformed into an oasis of serenity. Perfect for individuals looking to escape the hustle and bustle of city life, the bright, airy, and biophilic space oozes colonial charm while celebrating modernity. Throughout the space, there is plenty of greenery which does wonders to evoke a sense of Zen.

Initially designed as an office space, the unit is versatile and adaptable, perfect for hosting small parties, family get-togethers, intimate launch events. As one enters the unit, some of the attributes that immediately capture the eye are the retro colonial concept, the use of specific colours, and its biophilic appeal. Through clever design, the unit houses a recess where the owner can retreat, the perfect refuge from any events in the main space.

The unit was designed according to the owner’s specifications and reflects their interest in bio geometry. Using bio geometry as an important design language, the unit is minimalist, chic, and pays homage to heritage. Just as the Balestier area has kept its unique vibe, this SoHo unit retains all its colonial charm and allows one to experience the best of old and new.