Interior Design

Wesley Methodist Church



The refurbishment of Wesley Hall, located within the premises of the historic Wesley Methodist Church on Fort Canning Hill in Singapore, is a bellwether in the evolution of contemporary worship formats.

The facility enables the Church to hold hybrid sessions, live streaming its services online through a comprehensive AV setup, which includes two production rooms for editing and broadcasting purposes.

This A&A project saw ONG&ONG shifting the orientation of the stage, granting audiences from both sides of the hall a better view. Also reflecting the demands of a younger audience, Wesley Hall is equipped with a fully automated lighting system and mist-making machine, evoking a concert experience for all worshippers.

The artful lighting of a contemporary cross on the stage feature wall enhances a theatrical ambience, while custom-made tri-colour benches elevate the seating experience and increased the hall's capacity. Unique, large floor tiles complement the acoustic panelling alongside cement screed, giving the sanctuary a youthful feel.