Eco World Development Group Berhad



Nara is one of the few residential phases in the Eco Ardence township alongside the Aeres and Dremien Collections. Like other phases that feature an array of landed property, the Nara Collection uniquely consists of Garden Homes and Courtyard Homes – otherwise known as townhouses. Designed to mirror the terrace house style, a townhouse is built with two houses stacking on top of each other. Nestled amidst lush greenery and scenic landscapes, Nara homes sport a spacious, Japanese-inspired design with black accents on the exterior and offer residents an unparalleled experience characterized by great design, convenience, and connectivity.

For this project, Eco World Development Group Berhad engaged ONG&ONG to design, manage, and oversee the completion of 80 units of its 4-storey townhouse. Through meticulous planning, the team brought the vision of Nara townhouses to life. Navigating some challenges along the way, the team ensured the seamless realisation of this residential development. During the design stage, the team conceptualised a four-story townhouse concept, where each floor is designed uniquely to demarcate the owner's unit.

This layout presented a challenge in shared infrastructure, necessitating careful consideration of space allocation and accessibility. Throughout the design development phase, our team refined the architectural vision, balancing aesthetic appeal with functional efficiency.

Other challenges were the changes in the road levels that impacted the floor level setup and there was also the need to sync Phase 3’s architecture language to align with Phase 1 and 2 that was designed by another firm. They overcame these hurdles by collaborating and coordinating with the external architectural firms and other consultants to ensure cohesiveness. Biophilic features such as designated carparks along road parameters and landscaped back areas exemplifies a commitment to harmonising nature with urban living.

The Nara Collection embodies the concept of a live-work-play environment, where residents can enjoy a balanced lifestyle enriched with convenience and connectivity. With a range of recreational facilities, retail outlets, and dining options within walking distance, it offers residents the convenience of modern urban living without sacrificing the tranquillity of nature.