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When it comes to location, Charm Resort has struck the jackpot as it is located in a place that was voted as one of the most beautiful beaches by the US-based TV Channel CNNGo. Sited on the coastal road in Ba Ria – Vung Tau province, Charm Resort has been designed in harmony with its surroundings. For this project, ONG&ONG were engaged for their architecture expertise and the team rose to the challenge, delivering a picturesque property.

The Charm Resort Ho Tram boasts the best of both worlds where it is enveloped by nature – backdropped against the mountainous terrain and a sea-facing front – the resort is a perfect destination for guests to escape bustling city life. To optimise the appeal of its surroundings, the resort has been designed to seamlessly connect with the environment. For starters, the team created a space that intertwines the building and the greenery continuously. Two strips of parkland are planned for areas that are adjacent to the national highway; these not only add aesthetic value but also act as a noise-reducing buffer.

The design of Charm Resort is inspired by its proximity to the sea. There are repeated elements of water throughout the space. The towers are inspired by soothing sails, creating a rhythmic visual impression of movement as they “catch” the sea breeze while gently rising above the bay.

Balconies on the main facade are shaped and bevelled like moving waves. The balcony percentiles are also coordinated to reflect the fluidity and interweaving of water droplets. The colour palette sports white and blue tones referencing the sea while the warm pale yellow represents sand on the shore. As a tribute to the mountainous landscape, some accents with bold grey tones are inspired by the colours of rocks, mountains, and forests.

Spanning approximately 40 hectares, the masterplan for Charm Resort includes eight towers with apartments, a condotel, a resort villa, a hotel, and an entertainment paradise.