Eco Ardence Sdn Bhd



Eco Ardence is an eco-themed, gated & guarded, mixed-development township, spanning a massive 533 acres. In 2019, the developer unveiled Cora - a new phase of landed homes and the developers engaged ONG&ONG where the scope of work was to provide architectural services. The team devised a design that prioritises sustainability and community living for 146 units within the Cora collection, and as a result, the semi-detached homes and bungalows feature a blend of contemporary and zen-inspired architectural styles.

Located in Setia Alam, Selangor, the development is organised into clusters to foster a sense of neighbourhood, while green spaces are strategically integrated throughout the area, providing residents with access to nature and recreational areas.

Each unit follows a similar design philosophy but remains unique, offering variety and individuality to the residents. The interiors are characterised by clean lines, minimalist finishes, and the use of natural materials to create a warm and inviting atmosphere. Public spaces within Cora are thoughtfully designed to encourage social interaction and community engagement, with amenities such as parks, playgrounds, and communal gardens.

One of the significant challenges the team faced during the Cora project was the pandemic. All parties involved, including the client, consultants, project manager, and contractors, had to adapt to managing the construction stage online. This required scheduling online meetings, ensuring effective communication, and making sure all parties understood the project design and timeline. Despite these challenges, the team successfully navigated the obstacles, maintaining progress and ensuring the project was completed.