Sitting on the left bank of South Vietnam’s Saigon River is Thu Dau Mot – the capital city of the Binh Duong Province. A part of Ho Chi Minh City’s metropolitan area, Thu Dau Mot is rapidly expanding and brings with it an influx of foreign investment as well as travellers. The Happy One Central development was conceived to cater to both expats and locals making Thu Dau Mot their home.

ONG&ONG Vietnam was handpicked for this project, and they certainly exceeded expectations. Inspired by the design and style of Singapore apartments, the team devised the masterplan which included exterior architecture, infrastructure, transportation and parking facilities, utilities, and interior details while also incorporating elements of the local culture into the narrative.

The tallest building in Binh Duong with 40-storeys for each tower, Happy One Central offers its residents miles of unrestricted views and the best way to enjoy the view is to head to the rooftop to the sky bridge. Serving as connectivity between two towers, the bridge also serves as a lookout point for residents who want to view the cityscape. Upon entering the complex, one unmissable trait of the design application is that it is heavily influenced by Asian, specifically Vietnamese, culture and lifestyles. Some of the key considerations include the tropical climate and Feng Shui beliefs. These translate to spaces that optimise natural light and ventilation.

Leading and overseeing the Happy One Central project, ONG&ONG also worked with other consultants specialising in landscape as well as lighting. With the purpose of creating a lively ambience, the lighting solution applied to the building façade is designed to incite joy and happiness. A system of colourful LEDs interspersed among the trees, make the interior landscape resemble a "fairy tale garden at night". With this bold and innovative move, Happy One Central is one of the first apartment complexes in Binh Duong to use facade and landscape lighting technology.

Designed to deliver an affluent living experience to homeowners, Happy One Central boasts top-notch facilities such as an air bridge, 3D golf course, aerial cinema, infinity pool, jacuzzi, light square, koi aquarium, gym, and yoga studios, among others. These amenities invite residents to an oasis in the heart of the city.