Shaping Experiences through Interior Design

January 28, 2021

Dining Space with Hybrid / White Spaces

Hybrid / white spaces allow maximal flexibility 

Interiors have always been the more relatable aspect of the built environment. They are certainly more tangible than Civil & Structural Engineering or Masterplanning, and are essential to creating a sense of comfort. With design at our core, ONG&ONG’s Interior Designers specialise in homes, offices and luxe hospitality across Asia. The recent turn of events this year has refined our perspective, and in the next few pages, we share what Interior Design means to ONG&ONG in today’s context. 
ONG&ONG Luxurious Interior Design for Living Space
Interior Design Trend for 2021

Trends for 2021   

There’s an ever-growing desire for natural light and space, and this is reflected through our material selection and inspirations. Our Landscape team holds a strong conviction that biophilic design not only augments health and wellness, but invigorates productivity in the workplace, and inspires calm in hospitality developments and homes. The global pandemic has emphasised the importance of mental and physical well-being, and the need to integrate these elements into a seamless design.  
Globalisation has made contemporary art more accessible, bringing the world ever closer as we celebrate cultural diversity through technology. Artists and designers now undertake an even greater responsibility, applying their ideas to materials and techniques to take design beyond borders.  
Hybrid, flexible spaces for living are here to stay. Though COVID-19 may conflate common healthcare concerns and facilities into our living spaces, such as anti-microbial surfaces or zoning for crisis management, it is these hybrid spaces that allow for contingencies without exacerbating costs and logistics.  
Timeless and minimalistic designs continue to be in high demand, with functionality, open concept spaces and the use of natural light.   
Additionally, to create the perfect setting, ambient lighting embellishes the right accents, with the help of lighting specialists. ONG&ONG has a dedicated in-house lighting team with an eye for lighting detail.   
While corporate designs are driven by ABW (Activity Based Work), there has been a spike in adaptive collaboration and shared spaces which encourage interaction between users.  
The younger workforce has a keen interest in health and fitness features, which have been incorporated within office spaces as well. Such flexible offices have strong appeal, and we are also noticing a move towards contactless design.   
Office interiors now require cross collaboration and hot-desking, and a more ‘Third Place’-centric approach. The Third Place calls for envisioning the office as a full-fledged living environment, including features usually associated with homes.  
Timeless and MInimalistic Interior Design
This article first appeared in the October 2020 issue of 360 News. You can download and read the full version here