5G – The next quantum leap?

The term disruptive innovation comes up often within the Architecture industry, its driver being technological shifts and breakthroughs. The changes are not gradual nor incremental, but shift exponentially each time, changing the way we work and requiring different skillsets. But as promising as it sounds, speculation and over-hyped technologies may have oversold the notion. Processes in construction have not changed much in the last century.Read More

The Internet of Things

The best way to pave for disruption, is to be ready for the next technological leap. IoT, or the Internet of Things, is about extending the power of the Internet, onto processes and environments. With the hyper-connected 5G future incoming, armed with download speeds of 2.5 GB/S (gigabytes per second), information is collected and processed, allowing businesses and consumers to become more connected for better efficiency.Read More

The Power of Design

Civilization has advanced and progressed rapidly, growing from villages and towns to cities and states, and with it the size of the populations and communities that live and thrive within them. Today, the modern metropolis has given rise to modern society – communities that have grown and developed thanks to the benefit and utility that the power of design has enabled.Read More

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