Tan Kee Keat, ONG & ONG Chief Executive Officer, Malaysia,Architecture

Tan Kee Keat

Chief Executive Officer, Malaysia • Architecture


2005 - Present: ONG&ONG 21 years of work experience


Bachelor of Arts (Architectural Studies): University of Nebraska, Lincoln, USA Masters of Architecture University of Kansas, Lawrence, USA


Upon graduating in 1997, Kee Keat proceeded to work with Professor Dan Rockhill in a boutique design and build firm to pursue his passion for buildings that offer their users a true holistic experience. This allowed Kee Keat to understand the beauty between drawn space and actual construction. Kee Keat joined ONG&ONG in 2005 where he was involved in several hospitality and premium projects both locally and in the region. In 2006, Kee Keat was assigned to Malaysia to help set up ONG&ONG's Malaysia office and has since been involved in several large-scale projects, including master planning.