Joe Fu, ONG & ONG Director,Architecture

Joe Fu

Director • Architecture


2015 - Present: ONG&ONG and SCA Design 10 years of work experience


Master of Architecture: National University of Singapore Bachelor of Arts (Architecture) Honors: National University of Singapore


Joe brings with him valuable experience on challenging project types spanning Residential, Institutional and Masterplanning. Specialising in Design Development, Project Management and Contract Administration, Joe makes it a point to establish good rapport with the co-working partners on every project. Joe adopts a strong hands-on approach to every project to be on-top of things and enjoys the collaborative process amongst stakeholders in effecting meaningful changes to evolve design from Concept to Implementation. Joe was a BCA Industry Built Environment and ONG&ONG Scholar since 2013 and 2014 respectively. His earnest approach to his studies and strong work ethic have culminated in him being a Registered Architect and Qualified Person with the Board of Architects in 2019. His passionate and methodical work approach have seen him through his roles as the Project Lead on the projects he is involved in, from being responsible for the Design Concept through Detailed Development subsequently onto Construction, while juggling inevitable issues of cost and time while ensuring smooth Project delivery.