Virakun Punyaratabandhu, ONG & ONG Chief Executive Officer, Thailand,Architecture

Virakun Punyaratabandhu

Chief Executive Officer, Thailand • Architecture


2020 - Present: ONG&ONG 27 years of work experience


Bachelor of Architecture: Rangsit University, Thailand Master of Construction Management: The University of New South Wales, Australia


Virakun Punyaratabandhu is Studio Director for Bangkok, Thailand, where he was born and raised. After graduating from UNSW, Virakun worked at global firms in Australia, Singapore and Thailand for over 26 years, taking on various roles including architect, construction manager, and contractor. These priceless opportunities afforded him extensive experience, knowledge and a strong network. Virakun is an optimist and realist, and also a visionary. He enjoys creative problem solving. His interests are the arts, cooking and cycling. He loves spending time with his young daughter who is proving to be a budding artist.