Benson Wee Guoqin

Benson Wee Guoqin

Director • Architecture


2011 - Present: ONG&ONG and SCA Design
13 years of work experience



Master of Architecture:
National University of Singapore

Bachelor of Arts (Architecture):
National University of Singapore



Benson brings with him over a decade of experience on challenging projects. Specializing in Project Management and Contract Administration, Benson is dynamic and adopts a people-centric approach towards both his project teams and clients.

In addition to being a Registered Architect and Qualified Person with the Board of Architects, Benson functions as the Project Lead of his projects, taking charge of the evolution of the Design Concept through Detailed Development and Tender, culminating into Construction while ensuring Coordination with the various Stakeholders, with timely Project delivery.

In 2015, he was recognised by the Singapore Business Review as one of Singapore’s 15 great Engineers and Architects aged 40 and under. The following year in 2016, he embarked on BCA’s Built Environment Young Leaders (YL) Programme for Industry Professionals aged under 40, a think tank to improve the BE Sector.

In 2019, Benson has taken on a new portfolio as a Director with SCA-Design - a leading Interior Design Practice with a focus on Workplace Design.

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