92 & 94 Joo Chiat Place | ID

The two units earmarked as show-units were given an overhaul of makeover. After the renovations were done, they were instantly transformed into a masterstroke of contemporary excellence. Both of the units were given a stark white paint as the background to accentuate the confined spaces.

The first show-unit was given a more contemporary design with the staircases being the focal difference. The straight staircase is fitted with treads and glass panels are used as railings to maintain the illusion of space whilst the windows are newly fitted with timber lourves to preserve the look of nostalgic elements. To further accentuate the use of white as the backdrop, white terrazzo tiles are used.   The other show-unit is furnished with a strategically-positioned spiral staircase which ends at the attic with a cylinder constructed with stainless steel mesh and acrylic. The result is modern living engulfed in a little mystery.

  • Completion
  • 2008
  • Country
  • Singapore
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