OLA Residences | architecture

This 5-storey condominium fronts Mountbatten Road and adds a breath of modernity to the historic Singapore district. The U-shaped massing houses a total of 50 residential units ranging from 2 to 4-bedrooms in size and all blocks face inwards, surrounding the communal recreational facilities.

In the centre is a lap pool that rises 200mm higher than the children’s pool, allowing water to cascade into it. Hovering over it are the gym in one corner, as well as an in-pool dining area at the opposing end. Parallel to the pool is a 5-metre wide strip of greenery that shields the estate from the main road whilst also providing a lush and verdant backdrop. Small pockets of lawns and open spaces as well as a playground filled with colourful equipment are great activity areas.

Dense greenery is weaved seamlessly into the development, immersing these homes in a natural environment that is but mere minutes from the beautiful East Coast Park shoreline. 

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