An elegant bespoke home, BT-House perpetuates a renowned design philosophy that harmonizes aesthetic, aspiration and imagination.

Sequestered in a quiet residential alcove along Bukit Timah Road, BT-House was tailor-made for the client’s family of six. A home made to suit active lifestyles and predicated on comfort; to fulfil the clients’ exact needs, and more importantly, their hopes and aspirations.

Tucked into a corner nook, the odd-shaped site contained a mature Ficus tree with sprawling branches stretching shade and shadow across a significant portion of the land. The design perceptively orientated the home to accommodate and celebrate the tree – transforming it into a distinctive feature within.

The house encompasses an assemblage of shifted rectilinear volumes stacked atop one another. The home’s volumes was subsequently intersected by planar elements at specific sections, resulting in a final design that exudes clarity and simplicity.

The main composition was conceived in three layers, with the top most layer consists of a striking metal mesh that encases the attic and mechanical services. The mid layer features an intricate timber lattice screen that cocoons the upper floor family rooms. And finally, a highly porous ground layer comprised of the kitchen and living areas set amidst lush greenery.

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