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Alba is a luxury freehold boutique condominium which sits within the quiet residential area of Cairnhill. The bustling Orchard shopping strip is a stone throw away, providing a bespoke inner city lifestyle with peace and quiet in mind. The concept design came from American Architect Bernado Fort-Brescia, jointly inspired by the art deco era of curved profiles and intricate decorations, and the space age of metallic hi-tec materials.  Ong & Ong took on the project at detailed design stage, taking the project through technical design, tender construction and occupation.

The 20 storey, Y shaped development is compiled of 48 units of varying size, one penthouse occupying the entire upper floor and one town house to the rear, each with expansive views across Orchard and the Istana. These are fed by one central stair core and 3 private lifts allowing residents to alight directly into their apartments. This is then serviced by a bespoke club house, including numerous dining environments, gym, pools, domed Jacuzzi and locally designed child’s play area.

The sub and superstructure is of environmentally friendly reinforced concrete mixed with recycled materials, which is then clad with an expansive blue tinted glass curtain wall and powder coated aluminium panelling, designed to cater for the wet tropical climate. It includes special features such as internal facade drainage systems and self cleaning glass.

The layout and facilities are based on a hotel service concept, beginning with the arrival point where cars are automatically detected and met by a concierge, who then sends a photograph of the visitor to the resident. The concierge will then lead the visitor through to the private lifts, from which the visitor will arrive directly into the resident’s apartment.

Each unit is designed specifically for each resident, to suite their own lifestyle and taste. This includes diverse layouts encompassing varying numbers of bedrooms and bathrooms, alongside facilities such as saunas, powder rooms and studies. The materials for each unit are also bespoke to suite, varying from light and airy materials such as statuario sourced from Italy, to dark oak, giving a soft and warm atmosphere. The appliances including WC’s, sinks and baths are also handpicked to match, sourced from German and Italian suppliers.

Alba is a timeless development and one of a kind, impossible to place within any particular architectural era. Due to increasing pressures on land, space and housing prices, it is of a typology which Singapore may not see for many decades to come. Based on this we hope that it will integrate into the Cairnhill district and stand for many years to come.

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