Al-Ansar Mosque

The Al-Ansar Mosque prides itself as a community mosque located along Green Link, between Bedok Reservoir and East Coast Park. The design of the mosque is focused on creating an open and inclusive atmosphere, which is inviting to worshippers and the community at large.

This mosque also embodies the idea of embracing both the new and the old in one body. Elements like the minaret and main prayer hall's dome are retained from the past and integrated with new structures like the floating podium, which will house classrooms and auditoriums. With a 300-seater capacity, the auditorium can be used as an extended prayer space, as well as a multi-purpose venue for events like weddings. 

  • Team Director
  • Kurjanto Slamet, Loh Kah Wai
  • Completion
  • 2015
  • Awards
    • MIPIM Asia Awards 2015 (Silver) - Best Refurbished Building
    • BCA Universal Design Mark Award, Gold
    • The American Architectural Prize, Architectural Design - Renovation & Restoration Category, Winner
  • Country
  • Singapore
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