We conceived the building as a box or cupboard with different shelves and drawers. Each shelf has a different purpose and atmosphere. One of the main considerations during the design process was the location. River Valley is one of the most exciting and vibrant areas in the heart of the city and hence we wanted a design that not only complements the context but should be a landmark, setting it apart from the rest of the apartment blocks. The main feature of the building is the micro-perforated metallic cladding. This is the ribbon that wraps around the box and on its east façade it is organised in an alternating pattern articulating playfully the building’s transparency and lightness. The ribbon wraps the building from its east through to its west side, allowing the building to face a north-south orientation. It acts as a solar control and also frames the loft units, emphasising its vertical lines. The loft units are another gesture, and when lit at night they become a beacon or a lightbox, illuminating the nightsky.   The bay windows on the two remaining facets of the building transform the internal spaces of the units – it affords a more generous layout giving the inhabitants the choice of using it for various purposes – e.g. as a seat, a shelf or as a table. Externally, the bay windows generate a horizontal rhythm defined by louvres.

  • Team Director
  • Ong Tze Boon
  • Team Member
  • Diego Molina
  • Structural & Civil
  • KTP Consultants Pte Ltd
  • Mechanical & Electrical
  • United Project Consultants Pte Ltd
  • Quantity Surveyor
  • Davis Langdon & Seah Singapore Pte Ltd
  • Main Contractor
  • Chiu Ting Construction Co. Pte Ltd
  • Completion
  • 2006
  • Country
  • Singapore
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